Strong like Ox, Brilliant like Ninja…

Ultra Fast, Super Optimized, Über Secure!

Our Ninjas are located across Canada, from Vancouver to Montreal and everywhere in between. We have partnered with top Canadian & US web hosting companies so your site will always be super fast and ultra secure. You won’t ever have to worry.

For the very few of you that want to read about our techie points here goes.  Our servers are heavily cached to serve up pages stupidly fast for the end users. Highly optimized web servers setup specifically to run NinjaGroup as fast as possible. An entire team of security specialists are constantly fine tuning the system so nobody can hack in. Everything is on a fail over system so if for some crazy strange reason our server goes down then your site won’t!  Your website will instantly and transparently be loaded off the failover server and your customers will never notice anythings gone wrong.  Oh ya, and of course we do full backups nightly too!

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